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Linda S. Gunther, Author


Thank you to my granddaughter, Kaitlyn W. for adding her imaginative and inventive splashes to my most recent romantic thriller, Finding Sandy Stonemeyer as well as helping me develop the characters for my upcoming children’s book, Toffee and Esmerelda. Kaitlyn, I love your brains, your sense of humor and your electric enthusiasm.

Thanks also to my fabulous cover design artist and good friend, Julie Tipton, who graciously crafted the most incredible art for each of my four novels.

Thanks in advance to Zsa Zsa Venter, who is now crafting the illustrations for Toffee and Esmerelda…A Story of Friendship and Love.

Thanks to great friends and voracious readers who gave me inputs as I went along developing themes, plots and characters for each of my hopefully page-turning novels.

Thank you to my editor, Laurel Ornitz, who has consistently been a savior to me eagerly offering her great talent and skill when it comes to effectively using the English language in print.

A final shout-out to Cowander Gage, my gifted web designer, who has always made time for me, providing outstanding products and services.

I appreciate and love all of you