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Linda S. Gunther, Author

Peyton McClintock, born and bred on the Northern coast of Scotland and now living in New York City, takes a holiday with Bryan, her successful American husband. Their destination: Dream Beach Resort on the quiet Tahitian island of Moorea.

Although their romance has dimmed, and they have drifted apart, Peyton is hopeful that they can re-kindle the passion and love they once had in their early days together. 
Their holiday in Moorea swiftly takes a bad turn when they find two abandoned dogs huddled in the sand under their luxury beach bed. A dedicated animal lover, Peyton is determined to seek refuge for the dogs when she learns from police that they were owned by a man who was recently found dead in a shallow cave close to Dream Beach.

Peyton immediately connects with the local animal rescue shelter. That night, a threatening note is left in the couple’s suite which reads: ‘Return the two dog collars or else!”  The next morning when Peyton runs into Finn Mathews, her childhood sweetheart from Scotland, the scenario at Dream Beach further complicates for her. Although accompanied by his new fiancée and his sister who has held a hateful grudge against Peyton since grade school, Finn can’t help but support his friend through her troubles. Fueling the flames is the fact that Peyton’s romantic feelings for Finn have been re-ignited.

While under stress with her emotional issues, she is also suddenly entangled with a ruthless gang of criminals. Her commitment to protecting the dogs will place Peyton, Finn, and others in a sea of danger.

On top of everything, Peyton’s troubled childhood and continuing family tensions will throw another wrench into her ability to deal with the chilling challenges she faces on her dream vacation in Tahiti.

…A Romantic Suspense for Lovers, Dreamers and Troublemakers

Dream Beach