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Linda S. Gunther, Author

Endangered Witness

Endangered Witness centers around San Francisco veterinarian, Dr. Jessi Salazar, who is slowly recovering from a painful break-up from her famous and unfaithful violinist ex-boyfriend, Stefan van Oeterloo. She realizes that he is a bad addiction she must leave behind; but she can’t shake her attraction to him.
The story opens on Jessi’s 40th birthday at the Renaissance Hotel in San Francisco with her new, more sedate and practical romantic interest, Nick Daniels. Tipsy from too many cocktails and still high on pain medication from dental surgery, she sees a brutal abduction and possible murder through the hotel restaurant window, while Nick is gone to the restroom. This leaves Jessi as the only eye witness. Upon Nick’s return, the scene has completely disappeared from sight.
Jessi Salazar finds herself caught up in the midst of a dangerous “cat and mouse” game fraught with bribery, brutality, and kidnapping. Jessi and her family members (her cousin Myrna and young son, Lance) will be manipulated and threatened by the heartless Rodrigo Velasquez and his brother Julio; two paid assassins linked with the Columbian drug Cartel. A San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Martina Wells will also be targeted by the Cartel based on her affiliation with a pivotal murder trial currently in process.
Will Stefan, Jessi’s narcissistic ex-boyfriend, re-capture her heart? Will she manage to handle the threat of the ruthless Velasquez brothers and successfully protect her family members from the dangerous Cartel? And who will help Jessi save her own life and deal with the hell of being the Endangered Witness?

A woman’s veterinary career turned upside down with betrayal, abduction and murder!