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Linda S. Gunther, Author

This illustrated children’s book, Felicity Finds Fashion…A Gecko’s Adventure in New York City is targeted for children between 4-10 years old will immerse readers in the world of a shy, yet curious English gecko named Felicity. (Moms and Dads – you’ll love reading this one!)

When Felicity accidentally loses her family while boarding a luxury cruise ship headed across the ocean to New York City, her life turns upside down. How will she find them again? What will happen to her when she arrives in the big city? Little does Felicity know, that she will have the greatest adventure in her young gecko’s lifetime, and break through all of her insecurities and self-doubts.

     Please join us at Kelly’s Books, Main Street –   
     Watsonville (same shopping center at Nob Hill
     Foods). Kids will enjoy treats, free bookmarks,
     special Spring stickers for their signed book, some
     story time and lots of fun!

And for parents, Kelly’s Bookshop is a wonderful venue full of thrillers, self-help books,
best-selling fiction, biographies and lots of magical children’s books and activity packs.
Don’t forget Saturday,
May 12th
1-3 p.m.

Please email me for details and/or to let me know that you’re coming.   
BRING KIDS of all ages.

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