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Linda S. Gunther, Author

Lost In The Wake centers around a luxury cruise ship, The Prism of the Deep Blue Sea, which has set sail from the U.K, heading to Gibraltar and then across the Atlantic Ocean. A teenage girl suddenly disappears without a trace and an AK-47 is found in an American couple’s luggage.

Christan Stephanopolous is the cruise hotel manager on board, recently promoted and now in the midst of this intense scenario. Ally Collette, Christian’s sidekick at hotel reception has fallen in love with him but is reluctant to confess her feelings as she knows that Christian has been captivated by Nadia Zelnikov, an alluring Russian crew member who has other sinister interests behind the scene.

Captain Stavros Manzione, a headstrong Italian commands his crew to keep the situation under the radar, as he races to uncover the source of the weapon and the whereabouts of the missing teenager. 

Find out what happens on The Prism of the Deep Blue Sea when chaos and fear invade the lives of its crew and passengers. Who will survive? What characters will sadly become the targets of unspeakable violence and possibly murder?

This action-packed thriller is filled to the brim with romance, humor and suspense as well as an array of intriguing characters, promising readers a page-turning, sizzling experience.

A Romantic Thriller Inspired By The Magic of Cruising!

Lost in the Wake