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Linda S. Gunther, Author

Panicky Polly is Linda’s third illustrated children’s book. This story features Polly, a young girl who can’t help but panic over all the little things that might go wrong in her life on any given day. Polly becomes so panicky that she can’t sleep or eat without PANICKING about something.

Her mom, her brother, and her teacher all warn Polly that she better stop PANICKING or else it could lead to BIGGER problems. When Mr. Chang, the vegetable shop owner, gives Polly some valuable advice about how to handle her PANICKING, she doesn’t take it to heart.

But later that day when faced with yet another stressful situation, Polly suddenly realizes that the secret to managing her worries is to take Mr. Chang’s advice: PAUSE, COUNT 1-2-3 and BREATHE!

The result: Polly learns a golden secret for achieving everyday peace and happiness.

Panicky Polly