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Linda S. Gunther, Author

A Woman's Romantic Adventure in Havana, Cuba

Linda’s first novel, Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra, is a romantic adventure story, featuring Charlotte (Charlie) Sweeney, a successful yet stressed out career business consultant who breaks away for a Christmas holiday travel photography mission to Havana, Cuba. Charlie is simultaneously processing her sister’s suicide which mysteriously occurred only a year ago. On the way to Havana, Charlie meets the magnetic Enrique Ruiz, an attractive and intriguing Cuban entrepreneur. Without warning and on the brink of falling in love with this stranger, Charlie becomes embroiled in the underground world of illegal and dangerous Cuban smuggling activities. Readers will enjoy the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, where Charlie’s tough decisions will change her life forever, as well as many of the lives of those closest to her.​

Ten Steps from the Hotel Inglaterra